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Wether if it is to customise a piece of my collections, remodel an inherited jewellery, or develop a unique design, I would love to hear all about your ideas and inspiration! 


   Good to now... 

Your budget:

I would recommend having an idea of your budget so we can work to that. It doesn’t have to be exact at this point, but I do need a range to help you design your piece. 


Let me know if there is a special date you would like the piece for. Once the design is finalised commissions normally take 8 to 12 weeks to be made. So please bear this in mind, but we will help with short lead-times whenever we c


Re-modelling & recycling Customers Materials:

Your unique handmade jewellery can be crafted using your recycled gold and vintage stones. We can work together to design pieces that re-set old stones and to melt down or scrap old gold. However, I do not work with loose stones


Involvement in the design process

Regarding the process, I usually adapt to the customer style and need, which mean you can be as involved as you wish to be in the design process.


1-Contact me.

Get in touch via the CONTACT form on this site to arrange a meeting with me.  

If you are unable to visit my studio in London, we can do the consultation over the phone or via email. We’ll discuss your ideas and inspiration. I'll help identify the design, materials and stones that will suit your style and personality and fit your budget.


After the first consultation, I will provide up to 3 different design options through sketches and visuals that you could choose from and modify until you are happy with a charge of £200 which include 2 amendments. It will be deducted from the final payment of your piece.

Selection2 tiger visual.jpg
Aquamarine stoneb.jpg

3-Quoting and delivery times

Once the designs has been decided, a quote will be then set up as well with a delivery date (usually 8 -12 weeks). I will ask for a 50% deposit  which will confirm your order.


I will start to make your unique piece of jewellery in my studio and work closely with highly skilled craftsmen specialised in casting, and stone setting,

During the making of the piece, I may contact you to work out any details and record it through pictures if you wish.


The remaining 50% will then need to be paid in full before the order can be dispatched or collected. 

02 copy.jpg
02 1 copy.jpg

Spike rabbit pendant customized with a gorgeous  birthstone aquamarine that belong  to the customer  


Customer dog 's portrait carved in wax and casted in gold

bespoke pigon-insta.jpg

Spike Pigeon Brooch from the Urban Animal collection customised with client's citrines

bespoke tiger.jpg

A customer of the Tiger astrological sign ordered this Tiger pendant carved in wax and casted in 9K White and Yellow Gold

kite pendant2.jpg

Kite Silver pendant,  inspired by the beautiful shape of the topaz that was gifted to the customer

Julia ring copie.jpg

Customised  9K Gold Spike ring made from a Victorian heirloom 

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