So thrilled to have been nominated Designer of the year for the UK Jewellery Awards!

Discover the shortlist for the 2021 edition of the industry’s longest-running and most-prestigious trade awards event!

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The Bears with Lion Masks Earrings!

Those funky earrings are made from a victorian bear and a lion face I discovered in a flea market! 


The lion face goes in front and the bear seats behind the ear. I added a tail to create more confusion on the real nature of these creatures. 


Handcrafted in 18k Gold plated silver and pink sapphires these cuties will bring you smiles!!

 New collectionSPIKE is now ON!!

This collection blends the traditional forms of jewellery with Punk Aesthetic using spike elements.


Handcrafted in precious golds and multicoloured gemstones, these sparkling pieces will shine your soul and bring light even on your darkest days!

Discover the collectionUrban Animals!

Merging victorian jewellery aesthetic with contemporary urban adornments and styles, those precious animals become timeless fairy-tale creatures.


The finely handcrafted silver and gold animals enhanced with sapphires, diamonds and refined little charms will inspire a sense of wonder and humour!