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Jewellery Care

I pride ourselves on offering a high standard quality as well as durability of my jewellery. Those handcrafted  jewellery pieces has been designed for everyday wear, and so here are some information and tips about how to keep your jewellery as beautiful as the first day you received it !



  • Use airtight boxes or bags such as zip lock bag to store your jewellery! It will prevent exposure with the air and environment that can cause your jewellery to tarnish over time. Storing it sensibly will keep it looking newer for longer.


  • Avoid humid and damp environment such as bathroom to store your jewellery, as it can cause tarnishing.


  • Store your jewellery separately, so that it does not scratch or rub against each other



  • Beauty products such as hand creme-gel, perfums, hair products can cause tarnishing, discolour and possible corrode your jewellery pieces. Remember to apply cosmetics, scents and sprays before you put on your jewellery.


  • Water will also contribute to tarnish your jewellery. It is better to remove your jewellery before entering a pool, shower, river or sea !


  • Gold or black rhodium plated jewellery will erode over time and depending on how often you wear the piece, I would recommend a re-plating of your item if you want to give it its sparkle back. Details can be found on our repairs and reconditioning page.


  • You can use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to clean dirty jewellery and keep the stones looking lustrous. Take extra care when cleaning jewellery with gemstones, don’t use any strong cleaning products such as bleach.


  • Be aware that all matte and textured metals will eventually become shinier and display a natural polished effect with time and wear, this is part of the metal's character as it likes to be shiny.

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