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Course description

Experience the thrill of setting gemstones directly into intricately carved wax pieces for the lost wax casting process. Discover a range of stones and waxes ideal for this technique, alongside captivating setting styles such as flush, grain, and bezel, igniting creativity and exploration. This one-day course offers an exhilarating journey into the world of jewellery-making, where creativity knows no bound!

Gemstone Setting in Wax: A One-Day Jewellery-Making Journey

  • In this course, you'll explore wax carving by crafting projects like rings or pendants with simple designs. You will learn to integrate stones using diverse setting techniques like flush, grain, and bezel, enhancing your jewellery-making skills.


    We will start the day with a coffee or tea, looking a varied samples of what you will practice on the day, followed by a presentation that contain valuable information about the principle of setting stones directly in waxes. 


    Throughout the day I'll demonstrate how to set stones in wax using both flush, grain and bezel techniques tailored to the wax material. Additionally, I'll offer a plethora of valuable tips and insights, enabling you to refine the techniques covered in the course and beyond!


    You should be able to create one to two different projects such as a ring and a pendant within the day.


    Afterwards, I'll offer assistance in connecting you with casting companies, enabling you to transform your wax project(s) into the metal of your preference. I also offer the casting service and finishing at an extra charge.

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