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Material: 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Brass,Garnets, Green and Red Cubic Zirconias

Size: W 20 mm x H 13 mm

Chain Length: 24 cm

Jitender’s Necklace

  • This colourful 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Brass skull pendant was designed by Jitender. He chose to use faceted drop shape garnets for the eyes, round green cubic zirconias for the nostriles and a tiny red zirconia on the teeth.


    1 piece in stock. The piece is also made to order. 

  • Designer name: Jitender 
    Age: 14
    From: Bihar
    Live and study in Jeevan School since: 6 years
    Like most at Jeevan: Study math and reading books
    Inspiration behind the collection: Hindu temples where
    he loves to go with his friends
    Favourite part in the designing and making process: Love all the steps of the project and very excited about the exhibition planned in Varanasi.

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