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Handmade in 9 carats Yellow Gold with a colourful chestboard lacquer enamelled, this Snake Ring will bring to your soul a spark of wisedom!


This ring is inspired by the Ouroboros, an icon of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, originated in Egypt and later transferred into the Greek mystery cults. The ouroboros symbolizes the circle of life, creativity and wisdom.


Available in 3 different shades:

-Black and White

-Fruity Red and Pink

-Dark Green and light green


The piece is in stock in size N and aim to be dispatched in 2 days.

For other sizes the piece is made to order. For more info please read our section Made to order in Shipping and Return.


Available in 18K gold on request. Please contact me on the contact form for request.




Lacquer Enamel Snake ring

  • 9K Yellow Gold, lacquer enamel

    Available in 18K Gold on request.

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