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Material: 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Brass, Cold Enamel
Size and fitting: O, resized possible under request. 

Pawan's Bindi Ring

  • This gorgeous geometric/organic 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Brass ring is part of the collection designed by Pawan who played intuitevely with ready-made round and oval stencils to produce intriguant drawings. The pendant is ornamented with red cold enamel that suggests the Indian bindi worn on the front.


    The piece is made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


  • Designer name: Pawan 
    Age: 18
    From: Varanasi
    Live or study in Jeevan School since: 8 years
    Like most at Jeevan: To study
    Inspiration behind the collection: draw geometric pattern
    such as circle, lines, triangles, oval
    Favourite part in the designing and making process: Draw on metal with a needle

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