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Material: 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Brass, Amethysts, Tourmalines, Pink Sapphire

Size: W 15mm x H 53mm

Pooja’s Earrings

  • These impressive 18 Karat Yellow Gold Plated Brass earrings designed by Pooja will give a luxuriant and exotic touch to your outfit. Amethysts, Tourmalines, Pink Sapphire adorn the features of those majestous creatures.Comes with butterfly scroll backs.


    1 piece in stock. The piece is also made to order. 

  • Designer name: Pooja C
    Age: 16
    From: Village near by Varanasi
    Live or study in Jeevan School since: 10 years
    Like most at Jeevan: Study, live with others girls, talking and dancing
    Inspiration behind the collection: The peacock which is the Indian National Bird and symbolize grace and beauty.
    Favourite part in the designing and making process: To draw her designs on metal with a needle and with a marker.

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