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Course Description

In this one-day course, you will explore the captivating technique of casting gemstones directly within delft clay. This course will walk you through the process of selecting stones suitable for this method, as well as instructing you on the proper placement of gems within the mold to ensure successful castings.

Sand Casting with Gemstones! A One-Day Jewellery-Making Journey

  • The day will commence with a warm cup of coffee or tea as we review examples of the projects you will be creating. A presentation will cover the fundamental principles of incorporating stones into delft clay castings, complemented by live demonstrations.


    You have the option to bring your own projects or choose from a variety of objects such as toys and jewellery models to replicate in silver. Using the delft clay casting method, we will press the object into an aluminum mold filled with specialized sand that retains its shape when compressed. Gemstones will be delicately added within the mold.


    Silver will be melted in a crucible and poured into the mold, creating a silver casting from your object. The casting will then need to be finished and polished in a specific manner to avoid damaging the stones.


    You can expect to cast  1 to 2 projects such as rings and pendants during the day.

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