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Combining the allure of Art Deco, Indian aesthetics, and urban flair, our striking Whisperer Snake Earrings are meticulously handcrafted using recycled 14K Yellow Gold, black diamonds, and lacquer enamel.

The serpents elegantly impart their timeless wisdom, infusing your look with an air of effortless sophistication and charm.


Inspired by the ancient Ouroboros symbol, representing the cycle of life, creativity, and wisdom, these earrings feature a contemporary twist with a sleek black enamel pattern reminiscent of urban safety ribbons, symbolizing protection and resilience.


Available in both 9K and 14K Yellow Gold, the piece is currently in stock in 14K Yellow Gold and is set to be dispatched within 2 days. For additional details, please refer to our Made to Order in Shipping and Return section.





Whisperer Snake Earrings

PriceFrom £2,500.00
  • Stones:

    Black Diamonds:                      approx. 0,02ct.



     9K Yellow Gold, 14K Yellow Gold


    Lacquer Enamel

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